Flam-A-Diddle-Dizzle Fo' Rizzle


Stanley Randolph

Ridiculously named because this is such a ridiculously great sounding chop by the one and only Stanley Randolph. Learning to move this flam-a-diddle lick around the kit is going to revolutionize the way you use flams and paradiddles in your fills from this point onward. Stan works us through this lesson, demonstrating a number of different ways to move around the drums, creating a psueudo gospel, meets rock, meets funk sounding chop. This lesson should take some time to navigate, making sure you're getting it sounding clean. Go slow, start on the snare, and make sure you understand the triplet (sextuplet) subdivision before moving forward, remembering to count 1;a1;a, 2;a2;a... Your hands and brain need to sync up!

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